Physical Reality Games
              & Pluralist Worlds

                Februar 2022 TBA
                Buried Accomplices is an online LARP that lets you reflect on your present through the lens of historic imaginaries of the future as well as speculative future visions onto the past.

                ABYSM Accomplices is a hybrid game that combines methodologies from Role Play and Computer Game Design, Therapy and Performance Improvisation set in a state of connected Hypnagogia.

                1st of November 2021
                Weekley sharing of dream starting again on DreamXchange discord channel. Every Monday 19h CET.

                Where the unborn conspire Worlding workshop for more than one voice* with School of Commons at Shedhalle Protozone 4 + online.

                Blend&Bleed - Online Symposium on Transreality & Pervasive Play The series of online workshops conjures synergies between the fields of performance, larp, game design and media theory. The common inquiry will be the phenomenon of 'bleed', wherein the boundaries between fiction and reality, the virtual and physical world dissolve.

                20th of November 2021
                Distant Bodies and Accomplices
                an online game that uses the theatre as its map. Prototype presented at IMPACT FESTIVAL, Théâtre de Liège .

                Conspiratorial Bleed
                Remote and Embodied Worldbuilding Workshops with School of Commons.

                Winter 2021 TBA 
                Accomplices Bleed 
                Online Role Play by Nick Koppenhagen and Carina Erdmann hosted at Omsk Social Clubs’s discord channel