Online Symposium on Transreality & Pervasive Play
March — May 2021 

This is an invitation to conspire.

The series of online workshops conjures synergies between the fields of performance, larp, game design and media theory. The common inquiry will be the phenomenon of 'bleed', wherein the boundaries between fiction and reality, the virtual and physical world dissolve.


#1  March 20th  4pm-8pm CET

Hotel Bardo & Early Transition as LARPing

by Omsk Social Club & McKenzie Wark

#2  March 28th  3-8pm CEST (Summer time transition)

Magical Materialism: World Factory

by Trakal  

#3  April 3rd   4-7pm CEST                     

Guided Apophenia & The Wonder Machine

by The Interactions Group & Reed Berkowitz

#4  April 10th 3-5pm or 7-9pm CEST

The Dive 

by Nina Essendrop & Rozan van Klaveren 

#5_April 17th   3-7pm CEST

The Congress of Future Love & Connection 

by Francis Patrick Brady & Rilla Khaled

#6_April 23rd  4-6pm CEST                        

Vaporized, dispersed, made particulate & Erotic Sociability 

by Dorota Gawęda & Eglė Kulbokaitė & Isabel Lewis 

#7_May 1st,5th,8th  2-5:30pm CEST          

Theatre as Laboratory

by Rebecca Rouse & Ashley Ferro-Murray

#8_May 9th 

And what about those who prefer not to appear?

by Simon Asencio & Martina Leeker 

#9 May 14th  

2097: We Made Ourselves Over &  PSY-SOMA-TEK

by Ju Row-Farr & Susan Ploetz

#10  May 23rd

Prediction Error

by Brody Condon & Hito Steyerl 

#11 May 30st      

Accomplices Bleed

by Carina Erdmann & Nick Koppenhagen  

Oneiric Maps & An invitation to conspire

by Vinicius Marquet, Omsk Social Club, Nina Essendrop, Nick Koppenhagen, Steven Malliet, Orion Maxted, Kristof Trakal & Carina Erdmann