March — May program

Day 1      March 20th

Hotel Bardo & Early Transition as LARPing

Omsk Social Club
McKenzie Wark

Take a trip outdoors and into the analogue technology of myth-making. And how can forms of metaphorical bleed avoid literal bleeding?
Day 2     March 28th

Magical Materialism


A world-building workshop that takes its cues from Psychoanalysis and a post-socialist perspective of Andrey Platonov's concept of the „literature factory“.
Day 3     April 3rd

 Guided Apophenia & The Wonder Machine

The InterActions 
Reed Berkowitz

An experiment in emergence at the level of collective intuition and a workshop on how to create your own conspiracy theories.
Day 4      April 10th

The Dive 

Nina Essendrop
Rozan van Klaveren

Create a collective tale about the dying of nature and a path towards our inner worlds and wilds through LARP methods.

Day 5      April 17th

 The Congress of Future Love & Connection

Rilla Khaled
Francis Patrick Brady

Imagine possible futures through the card game DOHL and speculative play methods framed by the worlding of a fictional conference.
Day 6      April 23rd

  Vaporized, dispersed, made particulate & Erotic Sociability (for Webcam)

Dorota Gawęda &
Egle Kulbokaite

Isabel Lewis

Discover sociality and virtual embodiment through feminist theory, folkloric narratives and the metaphor of the "unambitious stripper".
Day 7     May 1st / 5th / 8th  

Theatre as Laboratory

Rebecca Rouse 
Ashley Ferro-Murray

Experiment with technologies and other non-human entities through the frameworks of partnership and play.
Day 8    May 9th

And what about those who prefer not to appear?

Simon Asencio
Martina Leeker

Explore different modes of presence to reflect on  publicness and anonymity as well as hyper-affirmative performing on topics of digital culture as a critique.

Day 9       May 14th

2097: We Made Ourselves Over &  PSY-SOMA-TEK

Susan Ploetz
Ju Row-Farr

Experiences in building speculative worlds, through a Somatic LARP and communally created Science Fiction.
Day 10     May 23rd

Prediction Error

Hito Steyerl
Brody Condon
Philip Corlett

Move from predictive coding in the brain to neural networks in machines and discover the hidden states underlying our delusions and hallucinations.

Day 11     May 30th

Accomplices Bleed

Carina Erdmann
Nick Koppenhagen

View your personal present through the lens of historic visions of the future. Consider resistance and complacency through play.