DAY 4     April 10

The Dive

Exploring worlds & wilds through LARP Methods

Nina Runa Essendrop, Rozan van Klaveren


The Dive 

Exploring worlds
& wilds through LARP Methods

LARP (interactive)
Time: 3-5pm or 7-9pm CEST
You will need to use your microphone and video camera.
Duration: 2 hours

Through a deep dive we enter a mythical tale about the dying of nature and embody the heart of the problems. Together we will create a path towards our inner worlds & wilds, in an attempt to bring hope to the surface.

We try to discuss as little as possible, the focus is on exploration and play. The workshop requires active participation. We will experience the worlds through fictional characters and participants will be gently guided throughout the whole experience.

Nina Runa Essendrop

Nina Runa Essendrop is a Danish artist and larp designer with a masters degree in Theater, Dance and Performance Studies. She has a strong focus on movement, sensory experiences and the meaning of physical action. Nina is an active player in the Nordic Larp community. She has designed and produced blackbox larps, freeform games, large scale-larps, audience inclusive larps and larp festivals and she has collaborated with artists in both Europe and New York.

Nina has designed and run workshops, larps, performances and interactive theatre pieces at among others Transmediale 2016 (Berlin, Germany), Momentum: The 8th Nordic Biennial of Contemporary Art (Moss, Norway), Athens Biennale 2018 (Athens, Greece), The Flea Theatre (New York, US), Dome of Visions (Århus, Denmark) and Ormston House (Limmerick, Ireland)

Rozan van Klaveren

Rozan van Klaveren has been interested in exploring in-between situations since 1999. For example Journey to the North and Braintec, two interactive online storytelling projects, balance between fiction and reality, online and offline presence. Her PhD Towards Togetherness: Probing as a Decolonizing Approach for Artistic Research focused on overcoming the us-and-them feeling that is frequently encountered while working with indigenous communities. Two media art projects are realized during this practice based PhD, which is finalized in 2018. In the Food Related prototype, facts and experiences related to Arctic food culture were collected, mapped and exchanged to experience commensality. In the interactive road-movie Niva to Nenets, the artist drove her beloved Lada Niva to the reindeer herding Nenets in Russia to question postcolonial tendencies. Within her postdoctoral project Wild Matters, Rozan explores positions and perspectives in-between the wild and the domesticated, the human and the other-than-human, our current affairs and our wishes for a more sustainable future.

Rozan graduated in Fine Art (HKA, NL 1999) and Photography (Post-St.Joost, NL 2001). After she graduated magna cum laude in Cultural Studies (KULeuven, BE 2009), she became a Marie Curie Research Fellow within the ADAPT-r program at EAA (EE) within her doctoral research. Van Klaveren lectures at LUCA School of Arts (BE), where she is a member of the Inter-Actions Research Group.