DAY 11     May 30

 Accomplices Bleed

Carina Erdmann, Nick Koppenhagen

Video fragments stored in the body as memories, Documentation.

LARP (interactive)

Accomplices bleed

Time: 4pm - 8pm CEST
Time commitment: 4 hours

Requirements: a computer with an internet connection and a webcam, the discord app on your computer, a room for yourself.

The workshop is a friendly environment for LARP newcomers.

Knowledge of the novella and film is not required
Participants: an even number up to 20.


Accomplices Bleed lets players view their own situation through the lens of historic visions of the future to explore paths of subversion and complacency. Using dialog techniques the LARP invites the players to become engaged with one another through a conspiratorial attitude.

The game is based on E.M. Forster’s 1909 novella The Machine Stops and atmospheres found in archival footage. Imagine a world in which humans have abandoned the surface of the Earth and live buried underground. Each individual lives isolated, with bodily needs met by the global machine. People are connected in telepresence for their main activity: the sharing of insights and ideas. Contempt for direct experience is commonplace. The tiresome years of knowledge production are over. Ours are the years of refinement. Which past future or future past will you choose to revive?  Deserted corridors heavily laden with woodwork and panelling, with marble, mirrors, pictures and darkness, pillars, alcoves and rows of doorways. Cross corridors leading in turn to empty rooms. Water seeps through cracks in the ceiling. That clear substance, leaving white marks. Once they praised its mysteriously deep color. Never speak of the sea.

Nick Koppenhagen (* 1987, Hamburg) is an artist from Berlin. He is interested in the visual properties of abstract systems and currently working on a (non-)playable card game based on a force-directed graph, a memory dune and the traces of interactions. He is one of the founding members of the Decentralized Autonomous Kunstverein.

His work has been exhibited at institutions like Kunsthaus Hamburg, Museum of Concrete Art Ingolstadt, Klosterruine Berlin and Schinkel Pavillon Berlin. He has given presentations at the Carpenter Center at Harvard University and La Gaîté Lyrique Paris.

Carina Erdmann (* 1990, Cologne DE) is a multimedia artist and PhD researcher at LUCA School of Arts, based in Berlin and Brussels. With a background in theater and further education in audiovisual media, performance, critical theory and game design, her artistic practice is marked by a synthesis of different disciplines and perspectives. Her work explores collective worldbuilding, critical empathy and enabling structures. In her research she develops and assesses Remote Live Game Play, a hybridization of online gaming and performance. 

Carina is a co-founder of 0ct0p0s, a research site for collective and interactive narration, and participant in the School of Commons. Her work has been exhibited in solo and group shows in Los Angeles Center for Digital Art, Upstate & Raumstation (Zürich), Konsthall (Malmö) Schillerpalais (Berlin), Karlin Studios in (Prag), Rosa Brux (Brüssel), Oude Kerk, Brakke Grond, Castrum Peregrini, Frascati, & Jeanine Hofland Gallery (Amsterdam) and has been supported with Residencies, Grants and Scholarships from Karl Hofer Gesellschaft, El Segundo Museum of Art, LUCA School of Arts and Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst among others. Her writing has been published with Textem (Hamburg) and Amsel Verlag (Zürich). She currently works as mentor at MA Game Design, LUCA School of Arts, Belgium and GameLAB, Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange.