Where The Unborn Conspire: Worlding workshop for more than one voice

Everything not saved will be lost
— Nintendo

Which songs are sung after the end of a world? The workshop approaches worlding through voice, breath, relational dynamics, and role-play techniques. It is a game played by the living, summoning the voices of those who will come after them, through the resonance of their flesh. You recognize me by my voice. I learned to love listening to you. The characters dwell in what is left of the institution - A building shell to occupy. Participants can play a character from the computer at home or become their body moving through the Theater space. Either way, they act as Accomplices as they construct the metaphysics of another world. An apocalypse is also a beginning.

Where the unborn conspire_ WORKSHOP SCRIPT

Where the Unborn Conspire, Invite, 2021, Graphic Design: → Marijn Degenaar

Reflections during the debrief session:

‘It made me think about the idea of intersubjectivity. You are one character. A me & you relation is held within the character. Mutual acceptance produces the subject. The me is the me & you feeling sth. together. A good way of working through who that me is together.’ — Pule

‘The experience allowed us to think through really crucial concerns: How do we keep our minds open to the potential of change? What would that mean for us as people?’ — Chantelle