Decentralized Directing

              A series of experimental film shoots, aimed to dissolve
              the otherwise hierarchic work processes, in which
              the director or actor takes the spotlight, to propose
              an example for a more equal distribution of light and
              decisive power and to develop a language for assessing
              its aesthetic outcomes.

              In The Garden of Forking Paths (2019) collective
              improvisation was guided using formulas like Propp’s
              ‘Morphology’, an analysis of the basic structural elements
              of Russian folk tales, also used in Machine learning.
              The tool served well as a framework for the collective
              creation but ultimately reinforced narrative stereotypes.

              ZOOM (2019) adapted a world building game called
              Microscope, because the players jump freely from the
              overarching narrative to zoom into details within the
              fractal storyline. Similar to the Epic theatre by Bertolt
              Brecht, in which spoilers created an alienating effect,
              the players start by deciding where the story ends and
              where it should begin, to then in taking turns, flesh out
              the stories that may have occurred in between.
              All participants are co-authors and owners of the film
              and can decide where, if and how the film was and will
              be presented.