early 15c., "to come together, meet in the same place," usually for some public purpose, from Old French convenir "to come together; to suit, agree," from Latin convenire "to assemble; unite", from assimilated form of com- "with, together" + venire "to come"


Footnotes: Annotating the Future of Arts Education

A workshop, conference, and role-playing game that unfurled in a speculative scenario set in 2045. Participants assumed a character to design and research future realities for arts education. It took place from at Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK) and was organized by School of Commons and 0ct0p0s.


Blend&Bleed: Online Symposium on Transreality
& Pervasive Play

A series of online workshops conjuring synergies between the fields of performance, larp, game design and media theory. The common inquiry will be the phenomenon of 'bleed', wherein the boundaries between fiction and reality, the virtual and physical world dissolve.