• c0nspire 

late 14c., "aspire or plan, agree together to commit a criminal act," from Old French conspirer (14c.), from Latin conspirare "to agree, unite, plot," literally "to breathe together," from assimilated form of com "with, together" (see con-) + spirare "to breathe"

This is a list of practicioners working on the intersections of performance and play. It will always be far from complete. If you would like to add an entry write to contact@0ct0p0s.net


0ct0p0s, Research platform for performance and pervasive play & Development of (Remote) Role Plays, Worlding Workshops and Sonic Fictions.


Albin Werle, visual artist making interactive artworks that function similarly to play, games and fortune telling

Argn.com, Alternate Reality Gaming Network

Aron Birtalan, artist working with games, mysticism,
intimacy and the politics of imagination.

Axel Stockburger, artist and theorist who designs games and researches on gaming.


Brody Condon, artist creating game-like group encounters.

Black Swan, collective testing horizontal and decentralized approaches to the traditional art world templates through Role Play, exploring digital tools that facilitate peer support, artist-led funding, and horizontal decision making.


Carina Erdmann, artist, researcher working with remote role play, and collective worlding.

Claire Tolan, artist and programmer and designer of Die Siedler von ShÜSh, a fantasy tabletop role-playing game rooted in the sounds of ASMR

CRISP, organisation that designs simulation games on political and social conflicts, in which the participants can test alternative problem-solving approaches in a safe zone.


Elio J. Carranza, artist working between formats of moving images, games and installation. They are passionate about critical pedagogy, conflict resolution and autonomous healthcare and sickness.

Eva Wei, larpwright, IP-lawyer and lecturer dealing with Intersectionality and nerdism, discriminatory structures, and political activism.


FedericoVladimir Strate Pezdirc &Pablo Esbert Lilienfeld, artist duo that createRole Playing Games from the perspective ofperformance.

Francis Patrick Brady, artist, curator and pedagogue, who creates artistic games that question the accepted realities of social and cultural norms, building scenarios that establish crossovers between fantasy and fiction.


GAMESCENE, website dedicated to Game Art started with the bookproject Art in the Age of Videogames written and edited by Matteo Bittanti.


jujul0v3, world builder, ecofeminist, witch, an oracle... Inspired by feminist science fiction, manga, pop culture & fantasy

Jonaya Kemper, activist, artist, educator, designer, writer, and games scholar who looks at play as a means of liberation for people of marginalized identities.


LAOG (Live Action Online Game), Live Action Role Plays using video call technology and meta-techniques. Manifesto by Gerrit Reininghaus

Leak Ventures, (positive) trolling collective creating Real Game Plays on art and speculation as form of critique. eg. Goldman $nax, a night of financial t€rr0r.


Maria Cynkier, curator working in the fields of art, ecology and digital culture, using LARPs as discursive method.

Mario Mu, artist working on various research projects which are often constructed as extended gaming platforms.

Me gustas pixelad [I Like You Pixelated], a festival where the performing arts meet the world of computer screens, the internet, and video games; curated by Matías Daporta.

Mirror World Creations, Live Action Role Play studio that creates Phone LARPS.

Moving Castles, modular and portable multiplayer miniverses; inhabited by communities that use them to manage their lore, ecosystems and economies.

Mycological twistproject by Eloïse Bonneviot and Anne de Boer operating both as a fixed mushroom garden and as a nomadic project, infecting and spreading mycelium alike.


Nick Koppenhagen, conceptual artist working with game-like aesthetics and experiences. Collaborating on the Dream Dungeon and the dreamXchange ~ Guided Sessions.

Nina Essendrop, LARP designer with a focus on movement, sensory experiences and the meaning of physical action.

Nordiclarp.org, online magazine about Nordic style larp. The website is a non-profit community project managed by a team of volunteers who are part of the international larp community.


Omsk Social Club, collective using Real Game Play in LARP situations to induce states in which the fictional world bleeds into the real, offering new shared and virtual spaces with a taste of activism.


Philip Tomei, experience designer and cognitive scientist using LARP, neuroscience and immersive theatre to create transformative experiences.


Research Center for Proxy Politics, lens based class of Hito Steyerl, in which LARP is used to test run science fiction scenarios reflecting critically on the present.

Ruth Catlow, artist, curator and researcher on emancipatory network cultures, practices and poetics frequently using Role Plays eg. to reflect personal and collective data practices. She is artistic director of Furtherfield.


Sarah Lynne Bowman,
scholar, professor and game designer writing frequently on the practice of role-playing games.

Steph Holl-Trieu, 
artist and researcher interested in imbrications and slippages between media theory, symbiotic ecology and historical materialism.

Susan Ploetz
, artist who deals with bodymind-technology interactions, imagination as interface and emancipatory emotional dissonance in her LARP designs.


Tom K Kemp, artist using RPG design, improvised filmmaking and animation to parse the eerie consequences of global bureaucratic and economic systems on intimate and immediate human relations.

Trojanhorse, autonomous educational platform that organizes summer schools, live action role-plays, workshops and reading circles in the landscapes of architecture, design and art.

ÖRJÄT (2018) a 3-day interactive narration, taking place on an uninhabited island in Sweden, designed to prompt reflection on the meaning of free will facing the urgency of environmental change.