0ct0p0s is an organization providing a platform for sharing collective and embodied research methods that enable the emergence of other ontologies and social imaginaries through play and performance.


Dream Dungeon

Role Play Game that lets you (re)enter and explore a collective dreamscape. Connecting and merging the different dream locations in a growing underground architecture, it provides a place for a fictional tale to unfold through free association.

Carina Erdmann, Nick KoppenhagenBalint Mark Turi

Sculpting Sonic Worlds 

Workshop experimenting with collective worldbuilding methodologies through the medium of sound.

Steph Holl Trieu


Extended Reality Game in which Remote Players are embodied by Real Live Avatars who move in a physical gamespace via video livestream and an adaptive soundscape and game score.

Carina Erdmann, Steph Holl Trieu Marijn Degenaar, Lendl Barcelos

Where the Unborn Conspire 

Workshop approaching world-making through voice, breath, relational dynamics, and role-play techniques. It forms a metaphysical narration of becoming a choir.

Carina Erdmann

Buried Accomplices

Online Role Play set in the future vision of E.M. Forster’s 1909 novella ‘The Machine Stops’ lets players re-construct a speculative past through archival video fragments and the method of loci.

Carina Erdmann, Nick Koppenhagen


Footnotes: Annotating the Future of Arts Education

(Commission by → School of Commons /
Carina ErdmannSteph Holl Trieu )

Role Play, workshop and conference held at the Zurich University of the Arts letting participants develop and research critical designs of future realities for arts education within a fictional setting of 2045.

Emotional Futures

(Commission by →LIGHT ART SPACE (LAS) / Carina Erdmann, →Marcel Darienzo, →Ed Fornieles, →Steph Holl Trieu, →Andrew Pasquier, →Xiaoji Song, →Moritz Tontsch & →Ingeborg Wie Henriksen) Extended Reality Game letting players extract and account for each other’s emotional labor in the fictional currencies Blood, Sweat, and Tears, produced and valorized in interaction and relation to other players. Reconstructing paradigms of gamification and financialization, it aims to reveal and subvert the co-creative force of datafication through recursive feedback.

Commons: The Game Show

( Commission by Curatorial Collective for Public Art and Parzelle X / Collaboration with Steph Holl Trieu, Trakal, Carina Erdmann / Funded by Berlin Senate Department for Culture and Social Cohesion)

Participatory art project  suggesting the speculative formation of a Commons on an urban wasteland as the premise for a game show. Residing on the intersection of public art, art film and reality television, it explores the challenges of founding and maintaining a communal resource through a series of participatory mirco-LARP scenarios. 

© Edgard Berendsen



Research project investigating embodied inter-action and inter-subjective exchange between player and avatar through Remote Role Play.

Carina Erdmann

Machine Acts 

(Pilot Project for → FILM-EU RIT/ Carina Erdmann, Patrícia Sequeira Brás, Liina Keevallik, Rita Grácio, Vincent Thornhill, Veronica Romhany, Tobias Fruhmorgen) Research pilot investigating the narratives around AI and how they become entangled with our own narration and subject creation as we communicate in digital environments that are increasingly governed by predictive algorithms. Weaving philosophical concepts (like dividuum, plasticity) into different Role Play Scripts for both human players and GTP-3 to simulate the recursive feedback loops that condition human-machine interactions.