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1660s, "put together the parts" from Latin constructus, past participle of construere "pile up together, accumulate; build, make" from assimilated form of com "with, together" + struere (from PIE *streu-, extended form of root *stere- "to spread"). Sense of "to devise and form in the mind" is from 1755. 

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A central element to both games and performance is that the design of an interactive score. Rule systems, scripts and scores are structures that enable and guide action. Often they aim at finding a minimal form. The barebones that the participant can flesh out. What is the least structure needed to create emergent gameplay and lead participants into an experience in which they can surprise themselves?

This platform aims at making available existing scores and forms of notation that are shared with the creative commons and report on those those that may be accessed upon inquiry or through live experience.

#Emergent Gameplay


1000 Scores. Pieces for Here, Now & Later, an online performance space that presents new scores from various artists. Each score is an instructional art piece for one person, commissioned by the project initiated by Helgard Haug, David Helbich & Cornelius Puschke.

Everybodys Toolboxa data base and a library, a toolbox and a game creator, a publication house, a score container, a site for distribution and for long term investigatory discussions.

The Text Score Dataset 1.0, was created by Jennifer Walshe as training material for Machine Learning algorithms, so that new generations of text scores could be created. It comprises over 3,000 text scores, running to almost half a million words, ranging from Fluxus event scores to compositions written in the last year.

The Interactions Group, a transdisciplinary group of scientific and artistic researchers who explore collective thought through playful experiments and develop ‘human algorithms’ like the → The Wonder Machine.

Bernadette Mayers writing prompts

languageisavirus is a site made to cure writer's block and collects interactive writing games, story writing activities, poem generators and writing prompts


Software for People: Collected Writings 1963-80’ by Pauline Oliveros