Collective Thought

"the essence of humankind is purely trans-individual, made up of the bonds that link individuals together in social forms ...the inter-human game which forms our object". (Bourriaud 2002, p. 18)


Collective IntelligenceAgnieszka Kurant 
Edited by Stefanie Hessler and Jenny Jaskey Newly commissioned texts on the phenomenon of collective intelligence and the work of the artist Agnieszka Kurant by Anselm Franke, Caroline A. Jones, Franco (Bifo) Berardi, and others. Distributed for Sternberg Press

Collective Intuition —  The Interactions
is an transdisciplinary ‘thought band’ of roughly 20 artists, scientists and philosophers who together explore the weird and wonderful folds in the dimensions of all possible collective thought through playful experiments that distribute thinking across many people and embrace emergence at the level of the collective mind, to experience what new hybrid forms of thought may be generated by studying and intervening in multi-individual thinking networks, and collective human algorithms. The Interactions is an nomadic autonomous group with affiliations to the Institute of Advanced Studies, University of Amsterdam (where the group began) and Center Leo Apostle, Vrije Universiteit Brussel. Regular contributors include: Orion Maxted, Katarina Petrović, Renske Vroomans, Enrico Sandro Colizzi, Izabelė Jonušaitė, Sára Iványi, Marie Groothof, Cadell Last, Roland Kupers, Carina Erdmann. Keywords: Collective thought, Collective Intuition, Collective computation, Collective organisation, complexity science, cybernetics, interaction, algorithmic theatre, poetry.

Collective Memory — Chen Shaoxiong
A series of photographs that is comprised of pixels of various sizes. ‘I invited residents with collective memories to collaborate on the series. The participants’ fingerprints completed the image, replacing the developing chemicals. It is a collective recollection of a living environment shared in common.