Platform for

Pervasive Play is said to permeate the contractual boundaries that seperate games from life. 0ct0p0s investigates the critical use or abuse of game-like structures to sketch the world we live in—now reconfigured as Gamespace.

It provides a platform for practical and theoretical research on and through play, conjuring synergies between the extending fields of performance, politics, philosophy, psychology and pedagogy.

0ct0p0s owes it’s name to an animal with its brain divided throughout its different arms. Every arm senses the surrounding world individually, and yet do they act as one.

As a training ground for imaginative plasticity 0ct0p0s fosters simultaneous stories and colliding worlds through the creation and negotiation of a shared gamespace. Beyond mere mental play it searches for embodied and participatory forms of knowledge production that let us rethink our relation to the environment and our own role within it. It develops and presents  Prefiguration as prophetic and participatory practice, calling for co-created and sensous simulations of social specualation.