Dream Dungeon

Dream Dungeon is a Role Play Game that lets you (re)enter and explore a collective dreamscape. Connecting and merging the different dream locations in a growing underground architecture, it provides a place for a fictional tale to unfold through free association. Players may choose a character that has appeared in any of the shared dreams to follow and find out more about their desires, fears, and questions reflected in the collective. In the dream dungeon, the individual dreamer dissolves and discovers their struggles to be structural.

29/30 September, Times TBC
@a.apass, Rue Delaunoy 58, Brussels

10 December, 19h - 22h CET,
online @0ct0p0s discord


Dream Dungeon is part of an ongoing dreamsharing and research group dreamXchange

The dungeon is built from the collected dreams of the players. You can train yourself to remember and write down your dreams after waking up. Below you find an audio guide to set your mind to it before falling sleep.