dreamXchange ~
Guided Sessions

Formed around the practice of weekly dream sharing sessions 3 years ago the dreamXchange is starting its first semi-public program during the months of November 2023 to February 2024.

All sessions are held on the 0ct0p0s Discord server:

The program will organically grow over time from the community that emerged around the sharing sessions; the community that is the dreamXchange.

Four artists, researchers, healers, tricksters or mythical figures are invited to guide the participants through a 2-3 hour session loosely based on the structure of the regular dream sharing sessions and the speaker's own approach to social dreaming and (collective) dream work.


5. November 2023, 7:00-10:00 pm CET

Guided Session #1 – Blind Torus

An introduction to dreamwork – its methods and cosmologies – from the experience of a trainee, transpersonal psychotherapist.

Bea Xu will be drawing on case studies from peer-to-peer clinical work throughout their final year on the CCPE diploma: involving elemental magic, symbol association, energy tracking and the embodiment of a 7-year-long saga of shadow work. After the talk, there will be an experimental group activity, where attendees are invited to constellate tori of frequencies by associating with congruent ‘emotional tones’ from our dreams.

Bea Xu is a Chinese-British world-builder, ritualist and psychic worker based in London. Using collaborative play, speculative fiction and therapeutic intervention they design and means-test integral, post-capitalist cosmologies with live participants and fellow LARPers. Bea's work can be seen as a narrative engagement with archetypal shadow – often foregrounding blood magic, decolonized time and non-binary logic with an EcoGothic focus. They have a private practice as an integrative, transpersonal psychotherapist while completing their training at the Centre for Counselling and Psychotherapy Education (CCPE).


10. December 2023, 7:00-10:00 pm CET

Guided Session #2 – Dream Dungeon

Dream Dungeon is a Role Play Game that lets you explore a collective dreamscape. 

The game starts with the sharing of dreams. Together we will then play a collectivized dreamer and the characters from our dreams. We re-enter our shared dream space in a social dreaming exercise and solve quests to uncover the collective undercurrent. The session is played on Discord as a group audio call.

Places are limited to 5 people.

Koma Somnus (*19987) is an artist, researcher and luminous shadow based in the oneirotopia of our collective dreamscapes. They can be embodied by different people.