Hybrid Forms &
Collective Narration


Collective Dreaming


Discord Group every Sunday in which Dreams of the past week are shared and discussed. The group explores Dreams as Tales, that might reflect our inner and outer world(s). The group also offers a place to exhchange exercises in Lucid dreaming and any research conducted on or within dreams.


Dream Works
Three sessions of practice and experimentation with and in dreams: dreaming together, dreaming in the dreams of others, preparing dreams before and after being dreamed. Dreaming of art forms and as an art form. initiated by Galerie founders Simon Asencio and Adriano Wilfert Jensen

Drawing made by Adriano and Simon transformed through Deep Dream Generators, Madrid, 2018

Nightmares of a Nation
In “The Third Reich of Dreams, 1933-1939” is acollection of seventy-five dreams , compiled by journalist Charlotte Beradt and smuggled out of Germany during the 1930s in code. Neither scientific study nor psychoanalytic text it is a collective diary, a witness account hauled out of a nation’s subconscious mind. The book was released, in Germany, in 1966.

COVID Dreams
Millions of people around the world weave the horrors of COVID-19, into their dreams, exposing feelings of fear, loss, isolation and grief in a way that transcends culture, language and national boundaries. Humanity has rarely experienced “collective dreaming” on such a broad scale in recorded history — at least never while also being able to share those nightmares in real time.

Deirdre Barrett, a Havard professor of Psychology researching on the connection of trauma and dreams, has created an online survey to collect the dreams of people living through the coronavirus pandemic.