Within the field of game design the project sees itself in relation to existing games that move towards performativity:

Augmented Reality Game
Alternate Reality Game
Mixed-reality game
Pervasive Games 
Trans-reality game
Remote Live Action Game 

Distant Bodies and Accomplices

is an online game that uses the theatre as its map. You can take on the role of a playable character in the theatre or ‘take control’ from home as a player on the game’s website. The movements and choices made within the game shape the performance scripts and soundscapes that serve as a guide for characters and players alike. What happens when your avatar is another person with their own set of motivations? What resistance and implicit violence is felt when you are being played?

Online Player control Real Live Avatar


a website and dedicated to Game Art. Started with the book Art in the Age of Videogames written and edited by Matteo Bittanti.

Me gustas pixelad [I Like You Pixelated], a festival where the performing arts meet the world of computer screens, the internet, and video games; curated by Matías Daporta.

Senet - Game of Death
An ancient game with deep links to the afterlife, played on a board that represented the underworld