Remote Reality Game (RRG)

Remote Reality Games (RRGs) are hybrids between online gaming and Live Action Role Play (LARP). From the (literal) framing of a computer game, they open portals into mental, physical, and performative space. RRGs share features of Augmented or Alternate Reality Games (ARG) in that they use the player's physical environment as a ‘playground’ through a virtual or narrative mediation, however the use of real time footage of a distant player as gameworld creates a dynamic between players specific to RRGs. Merging techniques from performance improvisation and game design they enable experiences of remote embodiment as a tool to critically reflect on the social, emotional, and psychological implications, as our lives are increasingly mediated by and for screens.

The game format has been developed as part of the artistic research project ‘DISTANT BODIES AND ACCOMPLICES’ that entails the production of a series of game prototypes in which online players ‘control’ real-live avatars embodied in the real world through a digital interface.